At NW Aesthetic Lasers we recogize that your equipment is vital to your business and serving your patients.


We strive to provide high quality, low cost repair. NW Aesthetic Lasers knows that it is unacceptable for you equipment to be down for weeks at a time so our aim is to get to you as quickly as possible to get your laser back in working order.


We are able to service a wide variety of equipment and get your laser back to top notch shape while meeting manufacturers specifications. This is all done while keeping the cost to a minimum. We don't require our customers to be under contract for service because it's our philosophy that we don't want our customers paying for services they don't need. We take your repair concerns as they come up on a case by base basis in order to save you money. Sometimes it's a simple fix that can be walked through over the phone, with our complimentary phone consultation service, or it can be an in depth problem, which would result in us sending a technician to your place of business.


Ours manufacturer training and years of experience brought to this business are crucial to repairing your equipment. We are able to service a wide variety of equipment and get your laser back to top notch shape

We also supply hard to find laser parts in addition to our repair service. Our laser repair service includes laser head rebuilds as well and handpiece repairs. No job is too big or small. Communication is a key point in our business so we will be in close contact with you to save you from surprises as repairs are being perfromed. Contact us at 503-720-8848 with your laser repair needs.



A poorly functioning laser head may be causing your laser to provide substandard treatment that is unacceptable to your business as well as cost you tons in consumables such as fibers etc. Our inventory frequently includes laser heads that are ready to go so that we are able provide timely service to our customers.

We are also able to rebuild your current laser head should the need arise. An experienced technician can come to you and remove your head and replace it. A laser head rebuild includes new lamps, flow tubes, O-rings, barium and triple bore. Your laser head rebuild comes with a 90 day guarantee. Laser rods are not included in the laser head rebuild price but are available for purchase separately if needed.

Call 503-720-8848 or fill out our contact form with any laser head issues and we will be happy to help formulate a plan that best meets your needs. 


Cosmetic Laser and IPL handpieces can wear out and be a costly expense to replace. For a fraction of that cost the experienced technicians at NW Aesthetic Lasers offers a chance to have your handpiece evaluated at no cost for refurbishment.

A refurbished handpiece can have you up and running again with a minimum impact on your budget. Upon receiving your handpiece we will thoroughly inspect it and communicate to you our diagnosis of the issue as well as the solution and the cost to repair. Repair of a handpiece can include but are not limited to flashlamps, calibration, fiber optics, and cleaning.

At NW Aesthetic Lasers we know how important your equipment is to your business and we pride ourselves on our quick turn around time. We offer repair on many brands of handpieces including Alma, Candela, Cutera, Cynosure, Palomar, Lumenis, and Syneron just to name a few.


Contact us today so we can help you with your laser repair needs. It's totally free.