Preventative maintenance is crucial to keeping your laser in proper working order. Did you know that it is even part of the recommendations made by the manufacturers?

This topic has been coming up quite frequently lately as I have encountered new customers who have not been keeping up on their preventative maintenance and now they are facing costly repairs that may have been prevented. I see quite often people keep up on their preventative maintenance on new laser while they are covered under warranty contract. When those expensive warranty contracts expire people don’t know where to turn for service they can trust at an affordable price. So you go on about your business and keep using the equipment until you notice it begin to have problems. By that point many people have created issues that could have been prevented. If you have purchased a refurbished, older laser it is even more important to keep up on your preventative mainenace because many of these have analog CPU/IO boards in which voltage tends to drift as opposed the digital boards in the newer models. As a disclaimer I still highly encourage you to have your newer model lasers maintenance regularly because there are still many issues that need to be addressed in them to ensure proper function.

One such example I encountered recently was due to the inside being so dusty causing the filters to be clogged. This in turn caused the power supply to overheat and blow. With regular preventative maintenance this costly repair could have been prevented not only saving the customer the money for the repair but the downtime and loss of revenue from not being able to use their laser until it is fixed. The picture below shows just how dusty these filters were. If you haven’t been receiving preventative maintenance on your equipment if very well could look like that as well.

Preventative Maintenance includes the circuit calibrations in which we tell the software what the actual energy being delivered is as opposed to what it think is being delivered. Without a properly calibrated circuit it is very likely to create damage to your laser. Things such as blown fibers can be the result of this. Patient’s can even be burned by an improperly calibrated laser. Knowing that patient safety is of upmost importance I cannot stress enough how important it is to be sure you are getting your preventative maintenance done at regular intervals.

The goal in preventative maintenance is to keep your laser in top notch condition to give you the best results for your business. I can help you do this by thoroughly inspecting your laser, calibrated the equipment and changing any filters or dye kits that may need attention. After the service is performed I will send you a detailed service report of the condition of your laser. We can discuss any repair, if any, are necessary. I strive to help my customers keep their equipment operatively properly and avoid downtime and preventative maintenance is definitely a vital piece of the puzzle in doing so.