I would like to introduce my newest venture! I am so proud and excited to have started NW Aesthetic Lasers, LLC and provide a source of trustworthy and reliable customer service in the medical laser industry. I will be providing laser repair, preventative maintenance as well as buying and selling lasers and laser equipment. This will include laser handpiece repair, head rebuilds, power supply repair as well as providing a source for hard to find laser parts just to name a few things.

The world of third party laser repair can be a tricky business. There are plenty of people out there who claim they can repair a laser, but did you know some of them have little training and may even offer to work on a laser they have little to no experience on? My background includes 10 years in the industry, with the majority of that spent working directly for a major manufacturer as one of their lead Field Service Engineers. After leaving that position I went into the business of third party laser repair and realized there are many in this industry that are conducting business in a way that I found alarming. That experience led me to the realization that it was time to start my own company and provide a breath of fresh air to this industry. A company you can count on for quality work and exceptional customer service.

My time in the industry has led me to have many connections which in turn enables me to provide my customers service at a lower price point than many can offer. My goal is to deal in all things laser in a manner that provides my customer with a sense of ease knowing that they can trust in my word, my work and my ethics all the while keeping the cost at a lesser number than going directly to the manufacturer .